Just what it is about HALLOWEEN that we love so dearly?

It is undoubtedly the welcoming turn of the season, subtly relegating us away from the summer heat, into the crisp evening’s breeze that carries a whisper that something very special is in the air. A time when the leaves begin to transform to their flirty shades of crimson, gold, yellow and orange, and shadows are cast early as the stars come out to sparkle in the black velvet sky.

Gentle hillsides dotted with fat ripened pumpkins, ready to be brought home and carved into fanciful Jack O’Lantern sentries with candle-lit souls keeping watch on front porches. Tawny fields filled with rows of tall cornstalks awaiting harvest. Folks gathered around bonfires, sharing friendship and spooky ghost stories whilst imbibing hearty cups of cider. Houses covered in all manner of seasonal decorations to delight and scare passersby. And, of course, it is that invigorating chance for us to don our costumes, metamorphosing into colorful personas as we set out into the dark night, seeking bountiful treasures of candy and making good-natured mischief.

The haunted houses and attractions, ghouls and goblins, witches cackling ‘round their cauldrons, the scary monster movies and lively parties, all help us to embrace the perennial Child within…

It’s these things and so much more that make this time of year so special. If you’re like us, you have a childhood (and adulthood as well) filled with nothing but wondrous memories of celebrating Halloween. It is what you make it, after all, and a lifestyle at that.

This publication is dedicated to those who never lost touch of their inner child. To the incredible places we love to visit, the businesses and towns that embrace Halloween, lifting the spirits year round.

And, most importantly, to those amazing individuals who craft and create with bare hands their unique way of keeping the living essence of Halloween and autumn alive forever into the future: the Artists who enchant, inspire and awe all of us with their original works of beauty.


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Thank you to all!

The journey ain't over yet, folks!

I have nothing but the good feels from the loving support everyone showed during the production and subsequent launch of our second issue of AUTUMN BRILLIANCE. It was four-plus months of diligent work at my computer with the design and layout, but it would have been nothing had it not been for the PHENOMENAL ARTISTS who participated.

It is to them that I say, my deepest THANK YOU.

Thank you to:

Dolly Parton

Vance Nichols

Marguerite Surich Noschese

Bob Lizarraga

Ray Villafane

Kevin Buntin

Sam Keck

Carolee Clark

Jacqueline Patrick

Sharon Bloom

Becky Peterson

Kira O'Keefe

Pam Wood

Helen Dorn

Samantha Secor

Meri Wiley

Lisa Haxmeier

Amy Beeler

Denise Cocchiare

Nicole Lubbers

Susie Krichbaum

Debb George

Lisa Ammerman

Donna Antonucci

Kim Sherrod

Jeanne LeGrand

Dustin Bailard

Kristen Stafford

John Davis

The staff of Gardner Village

The Saturday Evening Post

Bob Bergen

The late Billie Hayes

And to EVERYONE who supported this and cheered me on with their love, their encouragement, their friendship.

Especially my beloved husband, Mark


For those who would like to purchase a copy of the latest issue, please click on the following link to take you to the AUTUMN BRILLIANCE Etsy shop!








Tuesday, August 3, 2021

It's almost time! -


Our next issue will be published September 1, 2021. 

This season's offering is positively packed full of delightfully witchy content! Our readers rose to the challenge, and sent in so much amazing artistry for this edition's theme. 

We're proud to present so many astonishing artists in this issue, beginning with Marguerite Surich Noschese, our esteemed Spotlight Profile. If you haven't yet seen Marguerite's wonderful, eccentric, lifelike "witchy woman" sculptures, hold on to your witch hats, folks, because her artistry is really going to knock you off your broomstick!

One of Marguerite's fabulous witchy women


We also are thrilled to welcome Bob Lizarraga, one of the most prolific and amazing monster artists in the world. With a resume that reads like a monster kid's fantasy tour (from MAD Magazine to Warner Brothers to Disney and beyond), Bob's epic caricatures and surrealism is truly mindblowing. We've been a fan of Bob's for a long time now, and are quite proud to own several pieces of his work in our personal collection.

                                            "Bride of Flankenstein" by Bob Lizarraga


The phenomenal works of Ray Villafane have been seen around the world, on TV, in movies, and magazines. He is a Halloween artist like no other, with his incredible life-like carvings done on pumpkins.

                               Ray Villafane and one of his fantastic pumpkin carvings

And, we're saving the best for last! - may we now present our very, very special guest, singer/actress/humanitarian Dolly Parton, whose poignant 2002 song 'These Old Bones' off of her 'Halos and Horns' album, will surely move you to laughter and tears. It is a song of love, understanding and ultimate acceptance, wrapped around the life of a simple mountain woman healer that everyone thought was a witchy woman that Dolly once knew as a child. We are so grateful to be able to have our beloved Dolly and her incredible song in this, our second issue, of the magazine. 

These are but a teasing few of the many incredible artists we are excited to be able to present to you this year.  Keep watching for updates and a full list of the artists in the days and weeks to come!

Like last year's premiere issue, Autumn Brilliance is published as a digital, online magazine, produced in a fun and easy to use 'flip book' format. This way, there are zero carbon emissions, and you can access it anywhere, from any device. 

Because we've had an enormous amount of readers requesting a printed copy, we may consider doing a "print on demand" edition, but at the present moment, that is quite costly and we don't want to have to charge anyone a fortune for printing it. But don't lose hope, we are indeed looking into a cost-effective solution, and will let you all know as soon as we have the information to pass along!

 In the meantime, please keep watching here and on our Facebook page for further updates on how you can get your very own copy of the Fall 2021 edition of Autumn Brilliance.

 In the meantime, don't forget that you can access your FREE copy of last year's debut issue by clicking this link. 




Thursday, July 1, 2021

Well, bless my broomstick! -

Well well well! 

I'm blown away by the enormity of response to our search for the best witchy witchiest art to be included in this year's issue of AUTUMN BRILLIANCE magazine! 

Photo from 2013 of "Winifred, in her Finery, presents a Pumpkin" 
by Ellen Gee of MacabreWeb Studios
Thank you so much to every artist who submitted pieces of their astonishing artistry - each one is unique, and a veritable masterpiece to boot. Seeing the amazing talent you all have, well, it just blew me off my broomstick! 
Can't wait to share them all with the whole world on September 1, 2021 - there are many HUGE surprises in store, just you watch, my pretties...

In the meantime, stay creative! HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Conjuring up some good stuff! -




The next issue from Autumn Brilliance magazine.

Available September 1, 2021


Want to have your best Witchy art featured in this issue? Email photos of your artistry to






Thursday, April 29, 2021

Seeking Artists for HAGAPALOOZA!

Welcome, on this eve of Walpurgisnacht - we are halfway to Halloween!


One of the most favorite characters for Halloween artists to create are witches.

This year, AUTUMN BRILLIANCE celebrates the Wise Woman in all her many forms.

Do you create lovely young witches? Frightening old haggard crones? Show us your best witchy artistry and you may end up in the pages of our Fall 2021 issue.

 Send us some good quality, hi-res (300 dpi) photos of your work, or send us a link to your artist website, to AB_magazine@yahoo.com  

Deadline for entries is July 2, 2021




Thursday, April 8, 2021

Happy Springtime to Everyone!

Vincent and Esmeralda love Halloween the most, but are quite happy to romp in the clover all spring and summer long.

Most of us are indoors, working on various upcoming Halloween art projects. 

You can still access a FREE copy of AUTUMN BRILLIANCE by clicking this link below! 



Look forward to a brand new edition of AUTUMN BRILLIANCE to debut later this fall!

What are you working on? 

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Love and Happiness and Good Health and Peace on Earth for 2021...


We all gain so much from just a little bit of kindness toward one another!

In spite of our differences, we're all ultimately sharing one thing in common - we are HUMAN, having a human experience on earth. You have freedom of choice: you can choose to make it bad, horrible, and hurtful to others, filling your life with venomous hatred, or you can choose to not be that way and live a life with kindness and peace. It's up to you.

I am forever and wholly grateful to all the experiences - good and bad - which are the total sum of me. Many good things occurred in 2020 that gave me much cheer and, I dare to think, to others, as well (among other things, I published two magazines! It felt incredible to share some beauty to others!).

Yet, sadly, 2020 was not in any way what most of us would consider having been a 'good year' by far. However, the dark cannot exist without the light; in each are lessons that we must pay attention to and grow from.

To quote Mary Oliver (one of my favorite poets) :

"Someone I loved once gave me a box of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too was a gift."

May your coming new year be filled with good things. Take care, and spread your positivity -it shines like a star.

With love and much gratitude,

Ellen Gee